[Calendrier de l’avent jour 16] Un Noël so British

Today’s book is about Christmas ! (How original 😛)

Let’s talk about the cover right away ! It is not really christmassy but blue with snowflakes and a picture of the London’s Big Ben Tower. Not a perfect cover, yet it’s a good 6/10 for me. We have snow so it’s alright !

Our main character, Sam (female) has a very specific goal for this christmas. First, she’s french but she wants to have it in London because her father, let him rest in peace, wanted to have a British Christmas before he passed away.

So now this is Sam’s objective to get this London’s Christmas and for that she wants to find the perfect roommates to re-enact a perfect family night. This look chaotic at first sight yet we can have a good surprise with this kind of plot.

This little novella find its way to my heart because we have all the main ingredients for a good Christmas story. We have cold (in London but still), we have trust, Christmas trees AND hot chocolate. And most importantly, we have a little good romance…

About it, this is not some big deal, it’s really a simple romance. No enemies-to-lovers, no chase, no triangle (or maybe)…


There’s no secret. I enjoyed this story, I enjoyed the character which are well-described and very different from each other. Was she able to recreate a Christmas with a perfect ambiance ? That’s yours to discover 😉

I would totally recommend you all to read it !

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